Prepress Checklist

Supported Macintosh Platforms:

  • QuarkXPress 8.5
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Adobe Acrobat X

 Have all printer and screen fonts been included?
          Note: We cannot accept True Type, PC or Multiple Master (MM) fonts.
          Make sure the font is plain.
          Example: Do not make a font bold by changing it to B in the
          measurement palette.
 For Illustrator files, outline all fonts.

 Have all images been included?
 Are colored tiffs set to CYMK, not RGB?
 Are black and white tiffs set to Bitmap for one color logo? Are black and white
   tiffs set to Grayscale for screened logo?
          Note: Tiffs for spot colors should be set to Grayscale or Bitmap, not
          CYMK or RGB, unless they are already setup with spot colors?

 Are scanned images scanned at the size the image will be used in the final    document?
          Note: Resolution will change when the image is increased or decreased in
          size and we cannot guarantee the quality.

 Are scanned images resolutions as follows?
          CMYK logos (4-color process) – 300 ppi
          Grayscale logos – 300 ppi
          Black & White logos – 600 ppi
 Are barcodes saved as a Bitmap?
 Image Mode Bitmap at 600 ppi
 Is the format saved as follows?

  • Photoshop .tiff
  • Photoshop .eps
  • Illustrator .eps
  • PDF

 Is your document set up for spot colors, if it is not being printed 4-color
 Do all bleeds extend beyond the edge of the document by a minimum of 1/8”?
 Did you take into consideration that envelope folding equipment has a variance
   of 1/16” +/-?
 Is the page size built at the final envelope size?

 Are all supporting files (fonts and images) included?
 Have the files been compressed using a self-extracting archive?
 Send your files to or via FTP (contact your
   sales representative for details).

Heinrich Envelope adheres to all font licensing protocols. Therefore, we are unable to make any corrections or changes to documents where we do not own a font license for the font being used.
Heinrich Envelope is licensed for fonts in the Agfa Cornerstone and Adobe Type Collection 9.0 font libraries.