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Heinrich Envelope HistoryIn 1898, John A. Heinrich’s mother invested money in the Heywood Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis. Heywood manufactured boxes and envelopes. As a result of this investment, John Heinrich, at age 18, became a partner in the firm. Frank Heywood handled the box operation, while John Heinrich managed the envelope operations.

This arrangement continued until 1926 when John Heinrich purchased the envelope production equipment and started John A. Heinrich Envelope Company. The company rented space on North Washington Avenue, in Minneapolis, until 1963.

Starting in 1928, John Heinrich’s sons followed him into the business. John Heinrich retired in 1938 and in 1948, his four sons incorporated the company.

In 1956, Heinrich Envelope was a partner in the formation of Superior Envelope Company of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Superior Envelope Company subsequently was sold to National Paper Goods Company of Hamilton, Ontario.

In 1957, Heinrich Envelope opened a branch plant in Boone, Iowa, in part to handle the large volume of business from Hall Brothers, makers of “Hallmark” cards.

In 1962, Heinrich Envelope purchased the present property in Golden Valley, Minnesota, erected a 43,750 square foot building and moved in January 1963.

In 1971, John T. Heinrich, one of the sons, purchased the Boone facility and formed Heinrich Envelope Incorporated and sold his interest in Heinrich Envelope.

In 1976, Heinrich® Envelope sold its assets to one of the largest printers in the nation. Since this acquisition, Heinrich Envelope has had the ability and financial backing to invest in some of the latest equipment advances in the envelope manufacturing industry. During this same period, Heinrich has built on its strength as a local and regional supplier to become a national solution for many customers.


Heinrich® Envelope has a wide range of envelope folding and printing equipment to produce most types and sizes of envelopes. As a full-line converter, printer and creator of envelopes, Heinrich® Envelope has the capabilities that can provide the solutions that will fulfill your needs. Heinrich® Envelope continues to invest in new equipment to provide more solutions to meet your needs.

  • Converting in-house using both web and blank fed equipment
  • Jet printing ranging from one to four colors
  • Extensive list of stock items ready for immediate shipment or printing
  • Offline self seal and FASTICK® application
  • Converting of pre-printed stock
  • Creative and Design services
  • Technology Solutions including online ordering
  • Foil-Lining
  • Inline paper banding
  • Centrally located Midwest location
  • Experienced sales and customer service staff
  • Hold for Release Inventory programs
  • Letterhead Printing
  • Solutions for all of your printing needs
  • Short or Long runs
  • Metal clasp application
  • Large inventory of envelope and window dies
  • Mini-Envelopes
  • In-house paper sheeting